Corporate culture

Good moves are highlighted and initiatives are welcome!

Our team is made up of people passionate about information technologies who collaborate on innovative projects in a pleasant working atmosphere.

The GOX Benefits

A matter of balance

Although we work in the technology field, our employees are first and foremost human (fortunately). So, we find it important to promote a healthy life balance both physically and psychologically as well as in the professional and personal spheres. That's why we offer the following benefits:

Paid weekly

Paid training and certification

Flexible hours

Up to 5 weeks vacation

Work from home

Social activities

Air-conditioned offices


Sick days

Parking included

Collective Insurance

Health allowance

Career progression

Coffee and hot chocolate

Outside Deck

SecretLab chairs

Happiness day


GOX Technologies offers a pleasant working atmosphere and several other advantages. Apply now to find your dream job in Trois-Rivières!

Our employer brand

Remarkable Employer Certification

According to the perception of our employees and their experience of working within our team, GOX Technologies is an employer that stands out!

Our Remarkable Employer certification issued by the Bureau de normalization du Québec highlights that we offer a quality work environment to our staff.

Why is GOX a Remarkable Employer?


We honor our commitments to our employees and our customers. We offer balanced work schedules and show understanding to accommodate our staff.


We honor our zero tolerance policy regarding comments or behavior related to discrimination or harassment.


At GOX Technologies, you evolve professionally in a positive, motivating and organized environment. Your potential is highlighted, your work is recognized.


Our professionals are people who pay attention to what they do with great attention to detail. We do our work diligently and take great care in our relationships.


Your successes are highlighted and your initiatives are welcomed! Our managers are enterprising and our team members know how to anticipate needs.


We seek to constantly improve working conditions to promote the productivity and well-being of our team. We know that a happy employee is worth two!

Why work in Trois-Rivières?

Proximity, economy and quality of life

Living in Trois-Rivières also means:  

  • Have space for your family;
  • Save time and money;  
  • Avoid traffic jams and lack of parking;  
  • Enjoy nature nearby;  
  • Have access to activities for all tastes!  


At GOX Technologies, we are proud to be from Trois-Rivières because we can enjoy a better life balance between work and personal life. Our city is a reflection of our corporate culture!  

In Trois-Rivières as at GOX Technologies, pleasure and innovation are at the rendezvous... Are you on board?