Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence, also called Intelligence d'affaire (IA), is made up of software and strategic solutions that allow you to quickly obtain an overview thanks to performance indicators (KPIs). This can facilitate decision-making or the automation of certain tasks.

Why choose our BI solutions?

To guide your business decisions more simply, more intelligently and more quickly.

Take advantage of our business intelligence solutions to quickly access important data about your business, your customers, your sales, etc.

Our business intelligence strategies aim to:

  • collect relevant data;
  • centralize data;
  • produce overviews;
  • to make information accessible;
  • to act as a decision-making aid.

Our BI solutions for your business

Business intelligence at the heart of your decisions

Our team offers a business intelligence service to assist you in implementing practical and analytical solutions.

Depending on the needs of your business, we analyze your processes to better advise you. We integrate the appropriate hardware and software and offer comprehensive IT services.


Rapports/SQL reporting services (SSRS)

Data warehouse

Power BI



Data Gateway



Data analysis

Dynamic displays

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